Thursday, May 2, 2013

Spring has sprung

Spring always encourages me to clean out the cobwebs & start afresh.  I've been negligent with this little blog lately.  It always brings me such pleasure to post here so I will try to be more regular with my posts.

I do love spring.  All my babies were born in April & May.  I really have a fondness for the fresh blossoms, new life & green shoots.  The promise of summer is here but it's just giving us a taste.

Cherry blossoms

Has spring sprung where you are??


  1. finally there are flowers here. I just gathered a bouquet to bring to a new baby born to a dear friend down the road. xoxoxo

  2. lovely! can't wait to chat & hear all about your trip & leave-taking (soon soon soon!) & lots more... xxoo