Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Be Brave Be Courageous ~ Wednesday's Words of Wisdom

I am up at our cabin right now with our kids.  It's quiet here because most people haven't started their summer vacations.  It is wonderful to be in this place where there is lots of family history.  There is much involved to get up here.  But it's worth it.... Certainly well worth it.  See proof below:

 { tire swing at Gramma Barbie's Beach }

{ John & Carol's shell & driftwood creation }

{ three of the best }

{ into the deep }

{ racing to the slough }

I love this poster from Lay Baby Lay (buy it here) which is a quote from Psalms.  A wise reminder to me in the every day struggles & joys of life to be brave & courageous.  And if I am struggling, rely on the outstretched helping hands.  Because they are there.  They are.

{ Psalm 27:14 }

Til next time... 
J xo

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day

This post is dedicated to my Dad, Martyn John Clark.

{me, Dad & my sister, Rachel ~ Bahamas mid-1970s}

Dad... Thanks for showing me great adventures while keeping us all feeling safe.  Thanks for teaching me to love literature & a good story but also to encouraging us to get out enjoy the great, wild world.  You showed me the importance of family dinners, the power of a good story, how punctuality equals respect, how to give thanks to God, how to tie a clove hitch... thanks for making us tasty omelettes every Sunday, for being a father figure to many young people (most importantly me, Rach, Crick, Est & Leaps).  

Thanks for being my Dad.  With much love, always,

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Wednesday's Words of Wisdom

I'm sad I missed last Wednesday's "words of wisdom" post because I had so many great ideas for celebrating the great Maya Angelou.  But so many other, more prolific bloggers filled the gap so all was well.  She will be much missed by many - what a woman!

Quick post today as I've had a full week.  Last weekend I went to LA for a girlfriend's 40th.  I'm off tomorrow to Toronto for my sister's children's baptisms.  I'm so excited to see her & her family, other friends & relatives who will be there & my Mum & Dad too.

Here is a great reminder when we are thinking too hard about our living spaces:

{ your home, your story }

Til next time, blogland...
J xxo