Saturday, July 28, 2012

Rule Britannia

In honour of the Olympics {and to assuage my disappointment at postponing our trip to Europe} I've compiled a few images celebrating the London Olympics.  While we still shriek "Go CANADA Go" in this household {we are well practiced after our stint hosting the Games here in Vancouver in the winter of 2010} I am proud to have English heritage & to cheer on the Brits as well.

On to imagery... check these out:

{ First saw this on my sister, Leah's, Pinterest site but seems to have taken the Pinning world by storm }

And an 'after' from design*sponge's DIY feature:

 { rule Britannia }

I am drawn into this comfortable living room but particularly liked the flag on the wall, which is actually a rug, framed:

{ Vivenne Westwood designed rug }

 And more inspiration from my sister's blog, Tiddly Bits:

{ pink stamp adds punch }

And from Miroslav Slasek:

{ This is London c. 1950 }

A mix of all thing London-y:

 {perfect London-estivus for the rest of us }

Ready to go cheer on your team?

Thursday, July 26, 2012

43 years married

My parents began married life 43 years ago when they sailed out of Toronto Harbour aboard their yacht, Ayesha.  Here they are on their wedding day:

They have enjoyed glorious sunsets at quiet moorages, weathered many storms & successfully "launched" 5 daughters.

Congrats on over four decades of married life, M&D!  You are an inspiration to me & many.  With lots of love, always.... Ju

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Cottage Colours

There has been talk about painting the exterior of our cabin.  Not sure when or if any of these suggestions will make the cut, but I had fun playing with colour last night on the computer.  Check 'em out (having trouble with the sizing on Polyvore but you get the idea):

 { Montmarte Colour Scheme }

The photo of a Montmarte window is from Little Brown Pen's website; one of my faves.  The photo below I found online and it's on my Pinterest site.  I haven't got the blues quite right but it's a start.
{ Turquoise Shingle shack } 

Can you tell I was on a blue/grey/weathered roll?