Monday, October 18, 2010

IDS West, IDS West, IDS West

Soooo, where to begin? There was a lot to take in. The show was held in the new Vancouver Trade & Convention Centre:

The building itself is impressive & it is apparently as "green" as you can get. There is a 6 acre living roof & the foundations of the building (built over Vancouver Harbour) have a fish habitat built in. I was intrigued by the huge orca which looked as though it had been built out of giant LEGO pieces:

{ created by Douglas Coupland }
I met one of the owners of Orling & Wu at the show. Frederik Orling, together with his partner Julie Wu, have brought a little bit of Europe into Gastown. They are featured in the recent editions of Montecristo magazine & Canadian House & Home. This charming shop draws you in & offers a range of quality products from all over the EU. Some of my faves are:
  • Mateus ceramics from Portugal by way of Sweden with wonderful rusticated finishes
  • Volga linens from England. The Russian linen used is soft & hard wearing = dichotomous perfection:
  • Arxe furniture from Spain... limited edition furniture built from antique materials

18 Karat had a booth with a friendly, accessible vibe AND a super comfy couch designed by Peter Cardew:

This photo doesn't really do it justice but their catalogue (click here), does. 18 Karat catalogues are amazing.

Cailin from marimekko as excited about the fabrics as I was. You know you have good product when the reps are as into it as Cailin was!

{ Kotona fabric from marimekko }

As always I love to visit The Cross. Their booth had some very sweet little girl stuff. I've been eyeing baby stuff more often now that I am preggled & nesting.

{ I for one, can't resist a cute pair of shoes & some vintage books }

{ the rustic cradle is adorable & those Bla.Bla dolls are cuddly x10 }

The Cross lounge was fantastic. Uber lounge~y. Timorous Beasties superwide iguana wallpaper was used with punches of royal purple & green. (Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures but check out The Cross's website for photos.) FABULOUS!!

{ Superwide Iguana Timorous Beasties }

{ photo from Timorous Beasties' website }

I met quite a few artists at the show & Jason Rolstone was painting as I walked by. He focuses on bespoke art & his linear style is calming. His media are acrylic, plaster& glazing on canvas but the lacquer is not too too polished or shiny. My two faves from his website are:

{ grey stripe no.1 }

{ teal stripes no.3 }

His studio is in my old stomping grounds of East Vancouver (117 east 2nd) and unsubstantiated rumour has it he may frequent the Biltmore. Anyone who goes to the Biltmore is alright in my books.

All in all a great show with some interesting exhibitors. Who is your favourite?

Thursday, October 14, 2010


We had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving weekend. We spent a few days up at Whistler pumpkin patching, mountain biking {Craig & Sebastian}, chilling & eating & drinking & making merry.

I have so many things to be thankful for. Here's my list for this year:

* My children, who are good companions. I'm happy that they get along (most of the time!) & get a kick out of each other:

{ Sebastian & Paulina at North Arm Farms near Pemberton }

* A handsome husband who still gives me goosebumps when he walks into a room

{ Craig & Sebastian at Jim's cabin in Whistler }

* Plenty. Plenty of food, plenty of security, plenty of warmth, plenty of family & plenty of friends. I feel particularly blessed when I remember that there are many around the world who would be happy with a fraction of what I have.

{ Kids picking out their perfect pumpkins }

{ our bountiful harvest of purple carrots from our garden }

* Good health. Sometimes I take this for granted & I shouldn't.

{ Leenzie & me ~ & my hair back to it's natural colour!! }

* A belly full of baby. WE ARE EXPECTING #3!!!! Thrilled, excited, nervous & full of anticipation. Can't wait to meet the newest addition in spring 2011.

How about you? What are you thankful for?

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Warding off the Autumnal Chill

As the days grow shorter & cooler my thoughts turn to keeping cozy. How about curling up in front of one of these fireplaces with someone you love & a cup of steaming tea or a big glass o' vino. That ought to keep you warm.

This one is perfectly shabby & I love the assortment of odds & sods on the mantel. I would imagine that leaving a pile of half-read newspapers on the floor by your chair wouldn't be taboo in this home.

{ Photo Credit: Simon Brown Photography; featured in Desire to Inspire blog }

Or how about this fireplace in what looks like a bedroom in some country estate or farmhouse. You might never get me out of here!!!

{ Photo: Country Living Magazine }

What about this fireplace? Super contemporary but still manages to feel warm with the rough exposed brick wall & hearty wood floors.

{ Fireplace from Australian company Eco Green Fire }

Then there's this simple wood-burner featured in now defunct Domino Magazine. I love the juxtaposition of clean white of the shelving, table & Bertoia chair with the worn concrete (or is it stone?) on the mantel & the dark, almost black, wood floors. I'd be happy to spend my days in here making food.

{ Photo Credit: Domino Magazine }

And last, but certainly not least, is a fireplace featured in an ad from Ralph Lauren. Lots of candles? Check. Warm patina on fireplace, walls & furniture? Double check. I have a soft spot for wool sisal carpets so there, again, check. Plus, you'd feel confident that it would take a long time to run out of wood with that stockpile: CHECK!

{ Photo Credit: Ralph Lauren }

Where would you choose to spend a cozy hour or two?