Monday, July 18, 2011

Hal's Playroom

Often play spaces are too cartoonish, too 'kiddie', too bright. Not this one:

{ Hal's Playroom }

This is Hank Azaria's son's playroom in Bel Air & I'd be happy to have this space as my office. It's bright, it's inspiring & it's fun. Please let me in!

To check out the rest of the house & the article online click here.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Longing for Delonge

Snooping around the internet today I stumbled upon Jennifer Delonge's website. Jennifer has some great products for your children's rooms or playrooms & even some stellar stuff for us 'big kids'. Check out this lovely turquoise settee ready for a little lady who lunches:

{ Parker Sofa }

And this silhouette print puts me in mind of something my sister Leah did for MY Seb'Bastian when he was little:
{ custom silhouette print }

And these armchairs {one with footstool} are perfect for any little loungers:

{ Luxe Child Chair }
{ Ava Chair & Footstool }

Gets me inspired for my kids' rooms & the playroom that I've yet to decorate downstairs.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Chateau de Moissac

Craig & I are planning on taking the wee three {some not so wee anymore!} and heading to Europe next summer.

{ 1760s map of Europe }

We have no firm plans other than meeting up with our English rellies for the London 2012 Olympics. I've been following Design Mom's blog about her time in France with her husband & six chilluns and trolling the net to see where we should go. Craig's iPad has been getting a workout looking at chartering a boat to sail the Croatian coast {my pick} or the Greek isles {his}.

{ ahhhhhh... }

Look at this fab find I just made online thanks to Spearmint Decor:

{ Chateau de Moissac }

Chateau de Moissac is located in the Upper Var in Provence. The area is known for truffle & wine production. The interior finishes are almost all shades of neutral, but the lack of colour is far from boring. The light does wonders with the argent, cream, ecru, chalk, grey & off white {call it what you like, it's fabulous!} used throughout the chateau. See what I mean....

I have emailed them to find out about cost & availability. Could you imagine soaking in a bath here:

And reading a good book or enjoying a glass of vino here:

Making a grand entrance here:

And tucking in after a long walk in the vineyards here:

I could!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Canada Day!

In honour of Canada Day, a post featuring a little of our home & native land's style. What would you think about a rustic cabin bedroom stocked with these goodies:

This vintage postcard from Valhalla Cards, blown up to poster size, would look handsome framed on the wall:

{ Well, hello!! }

I love the traditional Hudson's Bay point blankets sold at The Bay:

{ HBC's Multistripe Point Blanket }

The Bay does sell a taupe & brown version {the Millennium, designed in 2000 to celebrate, what else... year 2000!} which is much more subtle but I must say I love the traditional green, red, yellow & black ones. If you can find an old one on etsy or ebay so much the better - well loved & a bit worn - lovely!

Tucked into this bed from Anthropologie you'd be hard-pressed to get me up in the morning:

{ Barnwood Hanging Bed }

With a pile of books atop this nightstand from Crate & Barrel, a glass of wine my love & I would be happy there all evening as well:
{ Atwood Nightstand }

Don't forget the requisite lamp or candles {depending on the electrical situation at your retreat of choice!}:

{ Surveyor's Lamp from Pottery Barn }

{ Garrison Windowpane Lanterns from Pottery Barn}

Happy Canada Day, to all & sundry. Proud to be standing on guard for thee, Oh Canada!