Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Canada Day!

In honour of Canada Day, a post featuring a little of our home & native land's style. What would you think about a rustic cabin bedroom stocked with these goodies:

This vintage postcard from Valhalla Cards, blown up to poster size, would look handsome framed on the wall:

{ Well, hello!! }

I love the traditional Hudson's Bay point blankets sold at The Bay:

{ HBC's Multistripe Point Blanket }

The Bay does sell a taupe & brown version {the Millennium, designed in 2000 to celebrate, what else... year 2000!} which is much more subtle but I must say I love the traditional green, red, yellow & black ones. If you can find an old one on etsy or ebay so much the better - well loved & a bit worn - lovely!

Tucked into this bed from Anthropologie you'd be hard-pressed to get me up in the morning:

{ Barnwood Hanging Bed }

With a pile of books atop this nightstand from Crate & Barrel, a glass of wine my love & I would be happy there all evening as well:
{ Atwood Nightstand }

Don't forget the requisite lamp or candles {depending on the electrical situation at your retreat of choice!}:

{ Surveyor's Lamp from Pottery Barn }

{ Garrison Windowpane Lanterns from Pottery Barn}

Happy Canada Day, to all & sundry. Proud to be standing on guard for thee, Oh Canada!


  1. OMG! A hanging bed would be awesome! :D

    following you back on gfc

  2. Happy Canada Day back at you from Merry Ol'! love those hudson bay blankies....xoxo