Thursday, July 14, 2011

Longing for Delonge

Snooping around the internet today I stumbled upon Jennifer Delonge's website. Jennifer has some great products for your children's rooms or playrooms & even some stellar stuff for us 'big kids'. Check out this lovely turquoise settee ready for a little lady who lunches:

{ Parker Sofa }

And this silhouette print puts me in mind of something my sister Leah did for MY Seb'Bastian when he was little:
{ custom silhouette print }

And these armchairs {one with footstool} are perfect for any little loungers:

{ Luxe Child Chair }
{ Ava Chair & Footstool }

Gets me inspired for my kids' rooms & the playroom that I've yet to decorate downstairs.


  1. love! miss that sebastian! xo from London!!

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