Saturday, March 29, 2014

Established Exteriors

Inspired by my sisters' & sister-in-law's faithful blogging habits (Esther Clark's Hipona Consulting,  Leah Clark's Tiddly Bits & Karen Parry's Get the Skinny Fat) I will, once again, try to update my blog with regularity.  Here's to keeping this resolution THIS TIME.....

In spite of the fact that we are building new, I find myself drawn to exteriors that are established, have some wear & tear, some history, some 'ghosts'.  Here are some examples:

{ rustic brick & ivy covered Atlantan Home}

{ established manor home }

{ Francine Gardiner's residence }

It seems to me that contemporary structures don't age as well.  Or perhaps they just haven't been around long enough to be properly tested.

{ pinned by me ~ I don't know the architect }

I do love this concrete house & the landscaping looks verdant so perhaps I am being proven wrong already!!

Have a great weekend, blogland....
J xxo