Friday, July 8, 2011

Chateau de Moissac

Craig & I are planning on taking the wee three {some not so wee anymore!} and heading to Europe next summer.

{ 1760s map of Europe }

We have no firm plans other than meeting up with our English rellies for the London 2012 Olympics. I've been following Design Mom's blog about her time in France with her husband & six chilluns and trolling the net to see where we should go. Craig's iPad has been getting a workout looking at chartering a boat to sail the Croatian coast {my pick} or the Greek isles {his}.

{ ahhhhhh... }

Look at this fab find I just made online thanks to Spearmint Decor:

{ Chateau de Moissac }

Chateau de Moissac is located in the Upper Var in Provence. The area is known for truffle & wine production. The interior finishes are almost all shades of neutral, but the lack of colour is far from boring. The light does wonders with the argent, cream, ecru, chalk, grey & off white {call it what you like, it's fabulous!} used throughout the chateau. See what I mean....

I have emailed them to find out about cost & availability. Could you imagine soaking in a bath here:

And reading a good book or enjoying a glass of vino here:

Making a grand entrance here:

And tucking in after a long walk in the vineyards here:

I could!

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  1. well if you stay here I'm coming for a visit;) hope we get to connect in Europe in 2012. loads of love from London!