Saturday, October 9, 2010

Warding off the Autumnal Chill

As the days grow shorter & cooler my thoughts turn to keeping cozy. How about curling up in front of one of these fireplaces with someone you love & a cup of steaming tea or a big glass o' vino. That ought to keep you warm.

This one is perfectly shabby & I love the assortment of odds & sods on the mantel. I would imagine that leaving a pile of half-read newspapers on the floor by your chair wouldn't be taboo in this home.

{ Photo Credit: Simon Brown Photography; featured in Desire to Inspire blog }

Or how about this fireplace in what looks like a bedroom in some country estate or farmhouse. You might never get me out of here!!!

{ Photo: Country Living Magazine }

What about this fireplace? Super contemporary but still manages to feel warm with the rough exposed brick wall & hearty wood floors.

{ Fireplace from Australian company Eco Green Fire }

Then there's this simple wood-burner featured in now defunct Domino Magazine. I love the juxtaposition of clean white of the shelving, table & Bertoia chair with the worn concrete (or is it stone?) on the mantel & the dark, almost black, wood floors. I'd be happy to spend my days in here making food.

{ Photo Credit: Domino Magazine }

And last, but certainly not least, is a fireplace featured in an ad from Ralph Lauren. Lots of candles? Check. Warm patina on fireplace, walls & furniture? Double check. I have a soft spot for wool sisal carpets so there, again, check. Plus, you'd feel confident that it would take a long time to run out of wood with that stockpile: CHECK!

{ Photo Credit: Ralph Lauren }

Where would you choose to spend a cozy hour or two?


  1. love love love!!! especially the top one--with the print of St. Peter's. Brings back memories of all our cozy fireplaces in the foothills in India...specifically Woodville Palace & the constant interruption of the Bollywood movie being filmed outside our door--when we kept answering the door, not to find the wood/fire wallah, but glares from the bollywood production for interrupting their scene...what memories! The fireplaces (& they are numerous) in your current home are to die for: inside, outside, & almost in my lady's chamber.

  2. I would have posted photos of the fireplaces here but none are 100% complete. What is it they say about a shoemaker's children never being shod? Rings true in this household.... ;)

  3. Julie love the fireplaces!

    Nice collection. I'm going to finish building ours over Christmas.

    Me and the girls will be installing a "Mustang Slate Slab" for a hearth and using the reclaimed bricks from the original fireplace.

    This will be Jamie's second fireplace feature!

  4. Check out recent design*sponge blog on the same topic:

    'tis the season...