Saturday, May 28, 2011

Stairway to Heaven

The June issue of Elle Decor has an article on staircases which caught my eye & inspired me to compile my own list of some favourite steps.

I love these floating stairs - clean & contemporary & rustic all at the same time. I also have a soft spot for Audrey who always reminds me of my littlest sister, Leah {check out her blog here for tiddlybits of inspiration).

{ image found online through SZ Interiors }

More floating stairs:

{ concrete floating stairs }

I like the storage underneath these stairs. I have a soft spot for storage & organization products {bins & labels & files, you name it!}:

{ smart use of otherwise wasted space }

And these well-worn stairs leading to a secret garden perhaps??

{teapot-planters & stairs }

And while driftwood-coloured, weathered wood seems to be everywhere, the stairs in this loft don't seem of-the-moment, but rather perfectly old-world:

{ from }

And lastly, us on the stairs with our newest addition:

{ Craig, me & Hugo }

What about you? Do you have some favourite stairways to your own private heaven?


  1. I'm flattered to be in the same sentence as Audrey! I love that old-worldly loft, & I'm particularly fond of your stairs. Craigmont stairs were pretty amazing too (both the servant's staircase & the main one!)

  2. Remember that 'secret staircase' in your old apartment building the kids loved?

  3. These are gorgeous! a lovely collection I love staircases too. Sadly our place has a pretty average one but maybe one day...!