Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Room Consultations

While I was awaiting Hugo's arrival, I did a few smaller projects that kept me busy & my mind off waiting~for~baby.

Joanne's Family Room
Joanne is a long-time friend with elegance & energy to spare. She & her husband, Peter, have a family summer cabin right next to ours & I love it when we are up there together. We can spend hours drinking tea or wine {time-of-day dependent!} or going for long walks & chatting about life. We have such fun together & I enjoy her company immensely.

{ Joanne & Pete at daughter, Ashley's, wedding }

Joanne was feeling as though her existing family room needed a new look. She wanted to tweak it just a little but without spending a fortune. She asked me for some advice. {Now, let me be clear. Joanne has a great sense of style & is very design savvy so it was more of a conversation vs. me telling her what to do with no input from her.}

Here are some 'before' pictures {aren't these the nicest 'befores' you've ever seen!!!}:

{ Fireplace Wall ~ South Facing }

{ Window Wall - North Facing }

And here is the style board that I did to give her suggestions:
{ Joanne's Style Board }

Accompanying this style board is a furniture schedule which outlines where to purchase each item. This allowed Joanne to do the leg work herself when she had the time.

If you are interested in a similar type of design consultation, email me at or check me out online at Baker Hill Homes. Remote design consultations encouraged... we do not have to be in the same city for me to help you with your space. All budgets welcome!!


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  2. New follower from the Alexa hop :) That looks great! Looks so cozy

  3. Wow this looks so cozy. I love the colours and the leather sofa x

  4. very lovely!! I'm so gonna hit you up when and if i ever have money to fix my horrifically ugly coloured apartment lol!!

    Nice to meet another Vancouverite, I used to live in West Van there, now i'm in North Burnaby.

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