Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wall Decals, please forgive me.

Wall decals ~ I'd never really been a big fan. I'd always considered wall decals like wallpaper borders or wall stencils from the 80s. NO GRACIAS!

But I come to you, wall decals, with hat in hand begging for forgiveness. Who could resist these "reusable, scrunchable, fabric wall & mini decals" from Mae? Not I!

{ combo of several of Mae's fabric wall decals }

And how about this alphabet wall decal from Tasty Suite's Etsy shop. Unexpected & I like it:

{ large block alphabet }

Wall decals, I am giving you a second chance. And you have my sister, Christina, to thank. She used them in her daughter's bedroom & they look great. Plus, they can be pulled off easily. No muss, no fuss. Great for rentals.


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