Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Study Day

I have a few assignments to finish up before I complete my interior design course. I've been working on other projects (our house, other people's houses, eating & drinking too much at Easter, etc.) & just haven't 'gotten to' my school work. So today's the day...

And while I take my lunch break of Italian Wedding Soup

here are some lovely school-y type images to keep me motivated:

I'm a sucker for vintage so this desk from Factory 20 had me at 'hello':

{ vintage atelier child's school desk }

And vintage books that have been well-loved? Yup, sucker for those too:

{ don't these just BEG to be read?? }

And to encourage good list-making & note-taking you can't be without your trusty notebook like this one from Mead available at Amazon:
plus a Sharpie for perfect penmanship:
Apparently these new ones don't bleed through your paper - hip hip hooooray!

Now, back to my assignments...

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