Sunday, April 25, 2010

In search of the perfect dining table...

I have been trying to find the perfect dining table. Long enough to accommodate our boisterous extended family & friends, but adjustable so it doesn't feel like you are at the other end of a tunnel shouting to 'pass the salt' when it's just us.

Here are some inspirations:

{ from La Leche in Puerto Vallarta }

I love how this is white on white on white & more white. My sister Leah discovered this restaurant while vacationing in Mexico. Guests & food would add enough colour, no?

Would you be brave enough to use this turquoise table from Dos Gallos??

{ 19th Century table; single plank top }

or maybe two benches like this (but finished in a rustic brown) along either side of the table:

with a soft flax coloured seat cushion & throw pillows for the back covered in this Madeline Weinrib fabric:
{ Suzani Collection; Colour: Sunder Blue }

And two of these chairs from Restoration Hardware at either end in the same flax colour as the bench seat cushion:

{ Belfort Wingback Dining Chair }

Or what about a clean-lined table like this one from Moe's (but in a brown stain that tends to the black vs. red)

Perhaps paired with some fabulous chairs from Casamidy:

in a fabric like this Ikat from Madeline Weinrib:

{ Luce; Celery }

It also comes in brown for a more subtle look...or go a little cuckoo-bird with this one:

{ Thomas Paul fabric }

it also comes in black if you were feeling nervous about the brightness of the first colour.

Ok, I'm inspired to tackle my own dining room... "before" pictures coming & "after" pictures soon; promise!


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  2. you always host such great dinners/parties so I hope you find that *perfect* dining table & chair combo:)