Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Going Under

& not going "Down Under" to Australia unfortunately...

{ Cable Beach, Broome, Western Australia }

Don't you think could run forever on this beach & get tired before you ran out of sand & surf ??Kind of a tropical Long Beach? And the retro station wagon? Love love LOOOOOVE it. But I digress...

Soooo ~ both my kids are in a private clinic this morning getting their teeth fixed up. Long story short they inherited their parents' weak enamel & it would take an interminable series of hour-long visits to get the work they need done, done. In light of the dental techniques & equipment of old:

...I think the current scenario is pretty sweet. They are getting their teeth taken care of in a sterile room with fuzzy ducky blankets to cozy into (Paulina) & cool high-tech equipment to check out (Sebastian).

So, to keep my mind off the fact that my kids are being put to sleep chemically & having are surgery (yikes!) I am blogging. Blogging about going under...

This bed from Anthropologie seems like somewhere you could have sweet dreams:

{ Dawning Lark Bed }

And this is something I would dream of if I could pick & choose:

{ De Beers Enchanted Lotus band }

And of course, because this is a design related blog in my dreams I'd be able to pick the brains of this trifecta:

She kind of scares me because I'm not sure how friendly she'd be. She looks perfectly perfect. Which I am so not. Not even kind-of perfect. But her talent is hard to dispute. Evidence here:

{ Viceroy Hotel, Anguilla }

and here:

{ Hillcrest Estate, foyer }

Billy Baldwin

I love his quips & quotes found here. I like a lot of the things he liked (books, the iconic slipper chair, rattan, pattern on pattern) & dislike most of the things he is averse to (fake flowers, fake books, (although I don't mind leggy furniture), fake fireplaces, satin, clutter). I think you could have a really good chat with Billy Baldwin, probably over a cocktail of sorts. One of my favourite quotes about design is his: "Be faithful to your own taste because nothing you really like is ever out of style". I like the fact that his rooms stand the test of time.

{ La Fiorentina }

{ Billy Baldwin Design }

And Billy Baldwin Decorates is as useful today as it was when it was first published.

True confessions: I stalked Erika's blog & design website when we were building our house on Sunnycrest. Her design work is approachable but is always something that you wouldn't arrive at without her insight. Case in point her recent work featured in Coastal Living & Southern Living:

and here's another of her creations that I drooled over while I was in construction mode:

And [small, small world] she is actually a dear friend of my sister, Leah's, best friend, Katie. Any friend of Katie's must be pretty fabulous.

So now, wake up, stop dreaming.... I have 2 post-surgery kids who are convalescing. Must run...

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  1. so glad to hear that those kidlets are out of dental surgery with not too many complaints, and their mummy used the time to blog! love it!!! hugs to the little 'uns!