Thursday, February 6, 2014

Pantry Planning

Wikipedia's definition of the pantry describes it as "... a room where food, provisions, dishes, or linens are stored and served in an ancillary capacity to the kitchen. The derivation of the word is from the same source as the Old French term paneterie; that is from pain, the French form of the Latin panis for bread".

I love the idea of loaves of bread {like these below}being stored in my pantry to be consumed with copious glass of vino, melty butter & sharp cheese.  Mmmmmm!  

{ gloriously crusty baguette }

But I digress...  

Lots of time has been spent space planning and sketching the elevations for the new build these past weeks.  I've been looking at the pantry & figuring out how many shelves & cupboards make sense.  We will have a deep freeze in the pantry as well.  I've sourced a few inspiration images to serve as creative fodder for a utilitarian space.  I love the colours & combination of textures in this pantry by ask anna & the fact that she has a chandelier in the pantry is perfection!!  

{ grey & white... what's not to like? }

I'm dilemma-ing over open shelving and cupboards with doors that hide all of the mess inside.  It seems like I'm drawn to the open cupboard concept for easy access & display but like having all the mess hidden away behind doors (which also keeps the dust at bay).  Perhaps a mix of open uppers with cupboards on the bottom makes sense with some counter space as a landing spot for food that's prepped but yet to be served.  I love the wallpaper in this pantry & the vintage crate storage on the bottom shelf..

{ "House of Smiths":  apropos, no? }

To think I've spend many years living in homes & aboard boats where this amount of space would seem gluttonous:

{ love the wicker baskets & glass jars }

I must say that sourcing these images & looks and the stockpiles of food have makes me grateful for all we've been blessed with.  We really do have so much & it is good to stop & give thanks.

'Til next time...
J xxo

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