Thursday, January 30, 2014

New Build Begins...

I think I was as excited as my children look a few months ago when the demo of the old house started:

{ Paulina, Hugo & Sebastian watching the destruction }

{ old house is reduced to rubble }

{ kids plus a friend after school take a rest in the digger }

Prior to the demo the house looked like this:

{ dining room }

Complete with vintage wallpaper, carpet & drapes:

{ the flocked wallpaper was in great condition }

{ these drapes! }

{ this kitchen carpeting!! }

And after a "house wrecker party"with this cast of characters...
{hockey in the dining room }

{a few bevvies with the boys }

{  girls having some laughs }

{ cuties on bikes }

{ graffiti artists }

{ and more lovely guests }

The last minute party & demolition continued on into the evening as you can see below...
{ hooligans... but cute hooligans }

And this is the result:
{ I did rescue the chandelier - with a fresh coat of paint it will be quite cute }

We're well into the project now with the framing started.  I'm working on final drawings for the interior plans & elevations.  I'm going to try to keep on top of this blog a bit better as it's an interesting way to chronicle the building process plus give me a little creative outlet.  I'm also working on updating the blog & my website so to that end, wish me luck!

'Til next time, friends...
J xo

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