Saturday, April 30, 2011

New Arrival

So, you may have guessed from the dearth of blog posts that something has happened. Well, yes, indeedie!

We have a new baby boy, Hugo, who has rocked our world. In a good way. He was born early in the morning of April 17th (12:47 am). He came into the world with great speed after a 10-day delay.

{ iPhone photo of Hugo a few hours after he was born}

I couldn't have asked for a better birth experience. Hugo came quickly {+/- 2 hours of labour}. And there's no way I could have done it without the support of my incredible husband, Craig, and our fabulous midwife, Irene of Midwifery Associates, North Shore.

The kids are loving their little brother. They are so kind & gentle with him, it is pure sweetness to watch them love him so much:

{ big sister Paulina in the hospital }

{ big brother x2 Sebastian at the hospital }

{ dog pile on Mum & Dad's bed }

{ kisses for Hugo from P }

And a few more assorted photos... just in case you needed confirmation that we are IN LOVE with this little morsel of a person:

{ me & H }

{ big yawns from a tiny man }

{ kisses from Dad }

{ handsome boys }

{ a-snooze }

{ now we are FIVE! }

Soon I will be back to blogging about design-related things but for now Hugo is taking centre stage. And that's just fine by me.

Kisses..... Julia

PS - many of these photos { all the black & whites and the colour one of Hugo napping } were taken by Becky of Bee Chalmers Photography. She's great. She's a friend & a fabulous photographer & did our prenatal photos. She can even make a sleep-deprived new mama look half-decent. Which, in my books, goes a LOOOOOooNG way!


  1. How beautiful! Brought tears to my eyes. Can't wait to meet that little one soon. sending loads of kisses from auntie tinza.

  2. Fabulous photos of Hugo (!) and his family. Love the dog pile shot.
    What a great family you are.
    God's blessings on you as you grow together.
    Love, Bill and Margy

  3. What an adorable baby!! He melts me! Congrats!

    P.S. I'm stopping by from the blog hop on Spearmint Baby :)

  4. love love love the name! (and he is such a beautiful baby.) Congrats!

    {your newest follower from spearmint baby blog hop}