Monday, March 14, 2011

New Lonny

I am indulging in the new Lonny mag as we enjoy our first leisurely morning of Spring Break...

{ hello, Lonny, glad to see you again! }

My favourite articles in the online magazine are:
  • Stella McCartney's West Hollywood store. Love love love the classic dark brown-trimmed & white exterior covered in vines:
{ Stella McCartney's Beverly Boulevard store }

  • Colleen Locke's eclectic home. Enjoy the mix of fancy sophistication & rugged rusticity:
{ Cape Cod meets glamour meets vintage }

  • Nolita townhouse. Check out the glossy black trim paint:
{ Manhattan breakfast nook }

  • 1947 Hollywood restoration. Drooling over the heavenly walk-in closet:
{ boutique feel walk-in }

Wait a minute... have I included approximately half of the articles in the magazine??!! Yup, I do love Lonny!


  1. i love it too--haven't had a chance to check it out yet. but that closet would make Carrie Bradshaw proud!

  2. yup - CB's shoes would be at home there!