Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Baby~Belly & Family Photo Session

Baby is still "in". Which I am quite grateful for, to be honest. I've never experienced the last month of pregnancy. Both of our other kids came early & I am enjoying these last few days & weeks of being pregnant with a belly full of baby. I know that this baby won't be premature, which is a reassurance. And I have had time while the kids are in school to rest & relax & get a few 'to dos' off my list. It has been a reflective, quiet time which I don't always allow for in my day-to-day life. We've been having some fun family times too, as we look forward to all the changes ahead.

As promised here are a few pictures from our photo shoot with Becky of Bee Chalmers Photography:

{ Craig & I holding hands }

{ love this one }

{ and I love this one too }

{ me & my boy }

Becky also got some pictures of the two of us, of us as a family & of the various 'goings on' of a Saturday morning in the Smith household. She even got a shot of the family cat, Sinatra (who is all tough guy with other cats but is pretty nervous around humans).

{ Sinatra observing the goings-on }

{ Craig being a goofball }

{ Paulina being a goofball ~ she came by THAT honestly }

{ whirling dervish }

{ sibling love }

{ Smith Family in our bedroom }

{ Sebastian giving his Mum a cuddle }

{ Father-Daughter Time }

{ Sebastian & some of Becky's kids at one of our fave parks }

Can you tell how much I love black & white photos? And how hard it was to pick just a few to share??!

You can also see from the periphery of the pictures how much we need to do around this place. There is no art on the walls, there is painting to be done in the master bath (note panels around tub), & we have a minimum of furniture. We don't even have a proper master bed & our bedside tables are 'make-dos'.

I feel like our house is a home but needs a few more layers added to give it a bit more personality. Maybe the arrival of this new little one will trigger us to get some of these projects done around the house...and perhaps bring fodder for a new blog post?!!


  1. love love love! well done Becky! I miss you all so much & am so grateful to be a 'part' of your family & to have shared so many fantastic moments in the past. can't wait to be an auntie again!!!

  2. oh & I love that sinatra made an appearance--how well he fits into the colour scheme!

  3. wonderful photos of a wonderful family.