Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Gift & Decorating Ideas: Six Geese A-Laying

On the 6th day of Christmas, my true love gave to me Six Geese A-Laying...

Really? Geese A-Laying? If it's the goose that laid the golden egg, great. But the geese I've come across have always been a bit grumpy & nippy. Perhaps they are worried they'll be force fed & slaughtered for fois gras.

Here are a few suggestions in keeping with our goose theme...

A bottle of Grey Goose vodka from France:

{ Grey Goose Lineup }

Looks absolutely delish served up as a peppermint froth cocktail (click HERE for recipe)

{ Peppermint Froth Cocktail }

Or for 1980's retro enthusiast, take your pick of Goose, Iceman or Maverick in TOP GUN . The movies or cds are available at Chapters.

{ 1980's hotties }

Canada Goose jackets are THE BEST. I finally gave in last year & got myself a winter jacket & I went with Canada Goose. I have never had a good quality snow jacket before. I always spent my money on dressy wool winter jackets (which I looooove). But I do love my Canada Goose:

{ and who's to say you can't wear a dress underneath?! }

A good pillow & comforter make your night's sleep that much better. Want goose down? It's your choice... but this bed looks super comfy (& I love the fact it wasn't made!):

{ unmade bed }

Katrin Wiehle is an Danish illustrator. While I was searching the internet I discovered her sweet goose pattern. I'm not sure if it is a print or can be made into material or wallpaper but I love it!

{ geese pattern }

It would be perfect in a child's room as a roman shade or as wallpaper on a feature wall in a mudroom (in place of the maps - which I do LOVE!):

{ High Street Market Mudroom }

I think mudrooms are often overlooked rooms for design efforts. But I digress... what would you use that goose pattern for?

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