Friday, December 17, 2010

12 Days of Christmas Finale

There are only 7 more shopping days 'til Christmas so I am going to combine the last 5 days of Christmas lyrics into one.... EIGHT maids a milking, NINE ladies dancing, TEN lords a-leaping, ELEVEN pipers piping, TWELVE drummers drumming. Phew! That's a crowd:

{ stained glass colouring page ~ click HERE to print out }

There is A LOT going on in this picture which is usually what happens around our house during the holidays. (Who's kidding who here, there is ALWAYS A LOT going on around our house!)

One of the few people who can take a picture of my chaos & make it look wonderful is Becky Chalmers of Bee Chalmers Photography. Check out her website. You will be amazed.

{ gift certificate for photos by Bee }

Becky's sessions produce great photos & you have fun doing it. She is not scary, not even a little bit. Trust me. If you want a gift certificate in the mail in time for Christmas you need to order by December 19th (this Sunday). Check with Becky {604-317-1693} for more details. I'm planning on getting belly shots done in the new year. CAN'T WAIT!

Another gift idea for your little lord-a-leaping or lady dancing is dance lessons taught by Alix of Pink Petal Ballet. Alix is fun, funny, smart & Paulina so looks so forward to her weekly lessons.

{ Paulina as a candy-cane princess }

A stocking stuffer... wine charms with the 12 days of Christmas. Buy on Etsy at Wilma & Betty:

{ so your maids a-milking don't mix with your pipers piping
...unless you want them to! }

Are you thinking of a drum set for that budding rockstar/drummer drumming? If you succumb, make sure you get the earplugs {or would a framed vintage ad work instead?):

{ Slingerland Drums }

To finish off this post I'll leave you with a series of images showing homes wonderfully decorated for the holidays & ready for a slew of guests (including 8 maids a milking, 9 ladies dancing, 10 lords a-leaping, 11 pipers piping, 12 drummers drumming plus!) or a small gathering of your closest friends & family:

{ chandelier decorated by Domino }

{ design*sponge's wall tree }

{ beachy tree by Coastal Living }

{ Apartment Therapy's gold & silver theme }

{ recycled plywood tree featured on Apartment Therapy }

{ Tobis Decor's Christmas hearth }

{ Lonny Magazine's mantel }

{ Charlie Brown Christmas tree from Shelter Design }

{ Elle Decor's Christmasy kitchen }

Merry Christmas, blogworld!!!

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