Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Room to play {update}

My niece, Maria's, playroom is complete! With a little elbow grease, creativity & repurposing items Esther already had on hand she has pulled off a lovely little retreat for sweet Maria-Leticia with minimum expense.

{ Maria-Leticia in her princess bed }

Maria's old crib was converted by Esther into a little day bed. The pillows are moai embroidery from Panama & mirrored fabric from Rajasthan that Esther picked up in her travels. Esther bought lavender tulle & sewed it onto an embroidery hoop to make the floaty hideaway & decorated it with bright fabric flowers to tie in the colours on the pillows, flooring & painted details.

Patricia Almeida (Esther's sister-in-law) painted a mural on the wall & Esther installed some brightly coloured 'puzzle' foam flooring.

{ wall mural & toy storage }

{ mural detail }

{ wall mural & foam flooring }

Esther reports that the foam flooring is ideal for the playroom. It keeps Maria's bare feet from getting too chilly & is easy to vaccum or wash with soap & water as required. You can get something similar if you click here.

Maria-Leticia's dollies are well-loved so Esther has a 'bath station' set up with Maria's old baby bath, empty soap bottles, towels, diapers, etc. She also has a basket for toys that she rotates & has used a transparent shoe holder hung behind the door to hold her stuffed animals.

{ treasured stuffies }

The bare bulb in the ceiling was covered with this shade from Ikea:
{ Ikea Kaxig Shade }

Kudos to my industrious sister, Esther!!


  1. can't wait to visit the principessa in her playroom!!

  2. Hi Julia. I love coming over to visit your blog. I always leave feeling inspired. I wish someone could come and tackle our playroom. It looks like something from a horror show. KISSES.