Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Key Note

True confessions. I have an obsession with antique keys.

{ an assortment of flat & barrel keys

I love 'em. I have an old skeleton key from our (since sold) East 13th house & I wear it around my neck on a big long chain.

I knew my obsession had gone mainstream a little while ago when Tiffany came out with their gorgeous key necklaces (which I do love):

{ Tiffany & Co. keys on chains }

Plus I just discovered that Pottery Barn sells antique keys:

However, I think I'd prefer to discover mine on my own & I've heard mixed reviews about these.

Check out this key wallpaper from Jonathan Adler:

{ it comes in gold (shown), red or white }

or how about these fabric choices from Ink & Spindle or Nuno:

{ Ink & Spindle's version }

{ Nuno's version }

What walls would you cover with that Jonathan Adler paper? What would you use a few yards of the key fabric for??

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