Monday, June 5, 2017

Landscaping Inspo

I have neglected this blog for years!  It was my creative outlet and I've been missing that escape lately.  Here I am again to post my musings out into the ether.

This past week I've been working on a planting plan to add onto landscaping at our Beaumont Build.  My focus has been on other business and this project has been neglected, pretty much since shortly after we moved in about two years ago.   I like to think the existing hard- and soft-scaping we've got in place is beautiful, it just needs a little fleshing out.

To that end I've been searching for inspiration.  Here are a few images that have provided just that:

This design by Doyle Herman Design Associates is in keeping with the clean-lined aesthetic I'm going for:
:: concrete pavers & boxwood similar to our existing planting scheme :: 

I want to add some climbing elements to soften our planting plan.  I'll have to convince the mister, though.  I love this look by Kelly Nutt Design: 

:: gorgeous climbing rose ::

I want to add hydrangeas but plan to layer them with evergreen shrubs that will last year round.  These gorgeous overblown white hydrangeas featured in are absolutely stunning:

:: beautiful display of white mophead hydrangeas ::

The following picture was taken two years ago when our landscapers were putting in our sod and yew trees:

:: Sterling Landscaping hard at work ::

I plan to take some more pics and post as we progress.  Until then bogland.....
x Julia

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