Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Wednesday's Words of Wisdom

When I am working on a large project I can get overwhelmed by the big picture.  It happens every time.  You'd think after 40+ years on this planet I'd remember that this happens to me and act accordingly, but... nope!  Mostly I just know that I know more than I did at 20 but I certainly don't know as much as I thought I did at 20.  But I digress....

In the process of working on a big job like a house build, I can, from time to time, get boggled (one of my wonderful mum's words) & stuck & paralyzed.  But as soon as I begin to break the huge project down into larger chunks & those chunks into manageable piece I breathe easier.   A 'to do' list emerges and if I can strike a few of these little 'to dos' off every day I feel productive & less boggled, stuck & paralyzed.

When doing these small tasks I will try to be mindful of Mother Teresa's words:

{ love is in the small things }

If great love is put into the smallest of details, imagine how wonderful the big picture will be!

Sending summer sunshine your way....
J xxo

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