Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Wednesday's Words of Wisdom

I can think of only cliches to describe the speed at which the past week raced by.  We (take a deep breath)...

... celebrated two birthdays (Paulina's 9th & Hugo's 3rd), had four days holiday from school, ate  lamb dinner at Craig's aunties' house, had baseball practices, baseball games, inline hockey games, played ice hockey hockey, had track practice, went to dance & soccer, went to open gym, went to school, slept, went to an Easter brunch, had mimosas, decked out a friend for a 70s party, opened presents, drank wine, blew out candles, had a lovely belated birthday dinner at a friend's house (girls only, no kids), had a Skype call with my family in the UK, Ecuador, Mexico & Canada, visited the emergency room at Lion's Gate Hospital (all's well, just a false alarm!), went to church twice, had two Easter egg hunts & sang happy birthday countless times.

Phew!  So it's already Wednesday & I need a quote to inspire me for the few days ahead in this (for me & many) short week.  Here it is:

As always, you can check out my Pinterest page for more words of wisdom by clicking here.

Til next time, blogland...
J xxo


  1. Happy belated to you? or someone else. Great blog Julia!

  2. Hey Lisa! My birthday is in April but also Hugo & Paulina's. It's a busy month! Sebastian's is May so we have a bit of breathing room 'til his! xx J oo