Monday, October 7, 2013

IDS West Quick Report

I had a wonderfully good time at IDS West this year.  I brought along a few friends & they made it much more fun.   We spent a good few hours at the Cactus Club Coal Harbour:

{ Alix & Kylie = cutie pies }

I didn't get to see inside the Laneway House because the lineup was ridiculous: 

{ me no likey queues & the prosecco was calling me }

I met a few interesting vendors.  One was Vin de Gard.  I loved the simplicity of their racking systems which allows the wine to really shine. Here are some of the cellars they have been involved with:

{ I love the feature wall at the end of this cellar }

{ the light bouncing off the wall of wine is mesmerizing }

I also met an artist, Shakun Jhangiani.  Her work is linear; however the textural qualities manage to imbue her canvases with a feeling of movement.  See some of my favourites here:  

{ reminiscent of low tide at our cabin}

{ a slightly more tropical feel }

All in all I think IDS West was a success.  I came away with my head a-swirl with plenty of fodder for our new build.

Till next time...
xxo J

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