Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Wondering about Windows

As we prepare to submit our architectural drawings to the powers that be, we are thinking more & more about the bones of this house.  Where will the plumbing stacks go, whether we will go with radiant or forced air to heat the house, will we have air conditioning,  how thick the walls will have be to accomplish the look of deeply reset windows that I love... I could go on & on.

So today I've been wondering about windows.  Obsessing a bit, to be honest.  How many mullions should they have?  I want them to be recessed into the facade but not at great expense to the floor space inside.  To follow are some images of windows that I love.  This next one is from Kolbe Windows:

{ many mullion-ed splendour }

I come back again and again to this Bristol Circle home by William Hefner.  While parts of the interior are a little more traditional than we want I am drawn to the wall of windows in the rear of the home:

 { beautiful way to let in light }

The tranquility of this space by Paul Raeside is incredibly appealing to a busy mama of three:

{ clean lined & cozy isn't a contradiction in terms }

{ same space from another angle }

And finally these windows & this space designed by Reese Roberts seems like an appealing spot to land at the end of the day:

{ more mullions... can you see a pattern developing? }

So window selections feel more defined than they did a month ago.  What's next?  Doors??

Best, blog-world...

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