Sunday, February 13, 2011

Easy Peasy Kids' Valentines

First of all, I must give credit where credit is due. These Valentines are the brainchild of SuperMom. The kids had a fun time doing them & they were completed in an hour or so one evening.

We picked up bouncy balls & small zipper-top plastic bags from the Dollar Store.

{ cookies kept us going when our energy lagged }

{ messy countertop mid-project }

The cardstock I had on hand wasn't super 'Valentinzy' but the kids loved the colours & it was reusing what we already had so I was happy.

We printed out this template {from SuperMom} on the cardstock. We cut out each card (the template prints out 4 per page), folded the card in half, put a bagged ball between each card & stapled.

{ Sebastian's "have a ball!" Valentines }

{ Paulina's "you make my heart bounce" Valentines }

*My kids found it easier to print their names on the card BEFORE it was stapled & attached to the bagged ball.
*Sebastian {as predicted by SuperMom} wasn't keen on the "you make my heart bounce" {too lovey-dovey} but was all over the "have a ball" so he kept all those & P used the heart bouncing ones.

As I said, EASY PEASY!


  1. love it! wish I was there to partake in the crafty-croo...seems like Sebsi hasn't inherited the baffled male complex, but still wants to maintain his manliness...

  2. I think the baffled male syndrome arrives with puberty... maybe?