Monday, January 24, 2011

Martha Sturdy's Retreat featured in Architectural Digest

A local artist with world-wide appeal, Martha Sturdy has made an international name for herself with her minimalist pieces "at once pared down to a bare essence and scaled up for a bold presence" (AD Feb 2011).

{ alabaster-coloured resin club chair }
Her island retreat just north of Vancouver on is featured in February 2011's Architectural Digest:

{ stunning dining room view - table & globe pendants by Martha }

{ artwork & furniture that complement the natural surroundings }

I could handle spending summer days up here & perhaps snuggling up for the odd winter storm as well. How about you?


  1. Just love the alabaster look. Did you know that such materials were sought after by the Renaissance elites & they collected objects made out of these materials for their studioli, or collecting spaces? They even sometimes used alabaster for the walls of the rooms...When I was in Ecuador I saw a whole cycle of paintings that were painted on alabaster...and then here you have these interesting materials in a totally modern setting. Where exactly is this house?

  2. Ancient materials & colours being reworked in a contemporary way. love it!

    The house is on Preston Island, just north of Vancouver Island. Near Keats/Pasley (sort of).