Friday, September 17, 2010

I do....

My brother-in-law, Fraser & the lovely Lissa were married last weekend:

{ Fraser & Lissa in wedded bliss }

It was a wonderful, heartfelt, fun, emotional celebration of the coming together of two people I love. And it's obvious that THEY love each other VERY VERY much.

{ Smith siblings ~Kyle, Craig, Karen & Fraser ~ + Lissa }

And it got me thinking that planning a wedding is not dissimilar to the design process. With the end in mind, you move forward, daily, weekly, monthly...making some little, some big decisions (like what flowers to use & what tile you should install & whether the dress you've picked out is worth the extra $ & whether you should go with Benjamin Moore or Farrow & Ball paint & what verses you'll read at the ceremony & whether you should splurge on the crystal chandelier...). And in the end, if you've done it right (which Fraser & Lissa definitely did!) the whole is greater than the sum of it's parts.

Congratulations Fraser & Lissa! Well done. Well done!

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